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Most recently, I was on tour in Australia and Europe with Joshua Bell, shooting eight miniature films of the Australian Youth Orchestra:

Focus has been on Commercial Video: Simon and Schuster author profiles, viral videos for Williams-Sonoma, CEO interviews for Audi, even sporting videos for Powerbar.

I have built the company from the ground up, developing our client base by becoming known as an extremely reliable film maker: someone you can go to when you need to get the job done right.

Working regularly since 2004 with ‘real people’, directing them with the lightest touch, I strive to make the film making experience fun for the client, and encourage my on-camera talent to give their best and most natural delivery.

I was essentially trained by a large scale video company who produced bulk videos for large corporations such as Yellow Pages and Citysearch. I've produced over a hundred videos for them and contributed a large percentage of their music library.

My work in the fashion industry has come to the attention of Nars Cosmetics, Elle Magazine and RueLaLa (an online designer boutique) as my work covers hair, makeup and haute couture.

Making videos for the arts takes up my spare time, working with opera singers, classical instrumentalists, and bands. My musical background enhances his shooting and editing decisions and brings a special sensitivity to my work in the arts

Venturing underwater as a cameraman for scuba diving organizations has been my latest career development.
My latest under water camera work on the feature film: Gasp!
took place in a deep swimming pool, working with a man in a suit chained to cement blocks on the bottom of the deep end.